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Shear Curved-Tooth Woodruff Keyway Cutter

Half-Side Milling Cutters

Designed for milling vertical surfaces, Aber Half-Side Milling Cutters give you better control of limits and finish. You get increased tool life for longer runs on side-milling cuts, thanks to the exclusive shearing principle. These cutters cut on one side only and are easily adaptable for use in pairs for slotting or for straddle milling.

Catalog Number RH Cutter Catalog Number LH Cutter Diameter Width Face Size Hole Number Teeth
RH-10 LH-10 4 1-1/4 14
RH-11 LH-11 5 1-1/4 16
RH-12 LH-12 6 1-1/4 18
RH-14 LH-14 7 1-1/2 24
RH-15 LH-15 7 1 1-1/2 22
RH-16 LH-16 8 1-1/2 26
RH-17 LH-17 8 1 1-1/2 24